Monday, October 4, 2010


Muthuraja Community is one of the High/Dominate social group from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu concentrated around Trichy district.They are closely related to Sozhia Vellalar enjoying similar status.

Muthurajas were instrumental in building many magnificient Temples including NARTHAMALAI A cluster of small hillocks, 25 kms from Tiruchi on the Tiruchi-Pudukottai road hosts some of the finest and oldest architectural models and rock cut cave temples, and the longest of rock-cut edicts, similar to Asokan edicts the likes of which are extremely rare in the south. Narthamalai, a heritage complex, consists of nine small hillocks - Melamalai, Kottaimalai, Aluruttimalai, Kadambarmalai, Perayarmalai, Uvakkanmalai, Manmalai, Bommattimalai and Ponmalai and the shrub forests surrounding the same is a habitat for peacock, deers etc. According to mythology they were parts of the Sanjeevimalai carried by Lord Hanuman during the war between Rama and Ravana.

During Nayak rule between 16th Century & 18th Century, Muthuraja community served in the Army as Soldiers and Generals since Muthurajas were one of the communities belonging to Kshatriya Varna.

During British rule many of the prominent Zamindars at Tiruchy district belonged to Muthuraja Community

Post Independence Muthuraja community has dominated the Politics of Trichy district across political spectrum including DMK,AIADMK,Congress

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